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Sport diver courses

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• Rescue Diver >> info
• Divemaster >>info
• Digital Underwater Photgrapher >>info
• ReActivate:  PADI Update and PADI Scuba Tune-up >>info
• Padi Open Water Diver Referral >>info
• PADI Emergency First Response >>info
• Padi Wreck Diver Specialty >>info
• Boatdive Specialty >>info
• Deepdive Specialty >>info
• Nightdive Specialty >>info
PADI Enriched Air - NITROX COURSE >>info
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• Daytrips >>info

Minimum age: 10 years old.
Download your application form here as: worddocument or pdf on the form of your choice!

PADI  Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver certification is useful if you always want to keep diving under the supervision of a PADI guide or if you want to take it easy by following the PADI Open Water course.
For this certification, you only have the first three classes (incl. Theory) and do the first two dives of the Open Water Diver course.
This is the basic training for independent diving and allows you in the future to dive in a pleasant and safe manner.
Already after the first diving exercises in the water you feel how much fun it is getting into diving.
To achieve this, given the attention to some diving skills and theory you'll need this. First we practice in shallow water before the exercises are repeated in open water.

Duration of the course?

The course takes 1.5 days. During this time you get three consecutive dives and theory lessons.
Before each dive we talk about what you can and can not do under water.
At the end of your first dive you can allready hover freely.

Course price:

PADI Scuba Diver: NAF 525,- per person.

Included are all the theory lessons and dives (even if you need more time to feel at ease under water). Also you get an Open Water Diver Kit (or tablet), is a course book, DVD, and of course your luxury card certification. Also, the use of diving equipment, the regulator, divetank, stabjacket, weights, shorty, goggles, fins and booties for the open water is included in the price.
If you have  achieved  the objectives of the course, both in theory and in practice, you will receive the internationally recognized PADI "Scuba Diver" certification. With this certification you can go diving everywhere if accompanied by a diving guide.

PADI (Jr.) Open Water Diver Course you go get your first diving certificate, then follow the PADI Open Water Diver course. As a beginning diver sometimes it takes time to get used to the environment underwater. That time you will get.
Learn to dive in a relaxed way, at your own pace is very important to us. Modern teaching materials and methods help you with this, as far as you want to go yourself.
The lessons are given in small groups or private, whatever you like.
You will learn all the basic skills and techniques to dive independently anywhere in the world with your buddy!
Of course you should learn the necessary theory. Through a (tablet) theory book and tutorial DVD you will increase your knowledge for each dive lesson. The course is spread over three days.
At the end of the 1st dive you will hover freely through the water.
After the training dives and making the theory lessons we do four open water dives.

What do you need?

Reasonable swimming skills
Normal health and fitness
A diving medical examination (if necessary in advance with your doctor)
Age 15 years

You can also theory part of the Open Water course through PADI E-Learning Forum online!
From 10 years it is possible to get a Junior Open Water certification, after obtaining the diving license the Junior Open Water Diver should only dive with a parent or guardian (which is at least PADI Open Water Diver) or a diving instructor to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
When the Junior Open Water Diver is 15 years old, the Junior Open Water certification can be converted to a PADI Open Water Certification

Course price:

PADI (Jr.) Open Water Diver Training NAF 800, - per person. E-Learning Naf 850,-

This includes the theory lessons, course materials, (tablet) DVD and planner and practical training in the water and open water.
The use of diving equipment for the open water dives.
And of course your certification application and your PADI OW certificate.

PADI  Advanced Open Water Diver

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course increases your experience and the fun of diving.

What do I learn?

In this course you will learn diving techniques and skills. You make practical dives: navigate underwater, night diving, deep diving, search and recovery of objects, boat diving, photography diving, Peak Performance Bouyancy, current diving or a wreck dive (in consultation with the instructor), but the most important thingis that you experience a good amount of diving!

This practical course consists of:

An independent study by the Advanced Book + DVD and a theory lesson by the instructor. Then there are five open water dives we make at beautiful dive sites in Curacao. The course is very flexible due to the five dives to make at times and days of consultation. You can buy and study the theory of your Advanced course with PADI E-Learning also online.

What do you need:

PADI Open Water Diver or an equivalent certification from another training organization, a diving medical examination (not older than 1 year).

Course price:

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Naf 750, - per person
This includes 1 theory lesson and 5 dives and PADI Advanced license.

PADI  Rescue  Diver

Challenging and rewarding. This is the best description for the PADI Rescue Diver course. This course will expand your knowledge and experience. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Challenging as it is, this course is a way to build trust. The Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Many divers say this is the best course they've ever taken.

This will be discussed:

• Self-rescue and diver stress
• Dealing with an emergency and emergency equipment
• How to respond to a panicked diver
• Protocols for rescue breathing in the water
• To organize a search and rescue operation for a missing diver
• Bringing an unconscious diver ashore in different ways
• To organize a search and rescue operation for a missing diver
• How to work with an oxygen suitcase
• Closing with Dive Accident Scenarios

We start in a sheltered part of the open water. Followed by different theory lessons.
The program concludes with diving accident scenarios in which you will encounter all aspects.
Think of a simulation of a rescue or assist a diver in distress.
This training is seen as an intensive, informative and friendly training.

Course Price 850,- Naf per person Excl. Dive Equipment.

Digital Underwater Photographer (DUP)  

Freeze time and show your pictures to others!
How often have you already seen something underwater and wished you could show this to family/friends? Or how many times have you tried that already and the result was not what you expected? During the Digital Underwater Photographer (DUP) specialty Padi teaches you the basics of underwater photography.
Macro, wide angle, artificial and natural light, composition and the like are discussed in theory. Followed by practical exercises in both indoor and open water and closes it with a debriefing of all photos.
This course opens up a new world for not only yourself, but for everyone with whom you share your photos! Freeze time with an underwater camera and you tell a story that even non-divers can understand .
Whether you're just photos or you're an accomplished photographer, the PADI Underwater Photography brings you the basics in for taking photos underwater, with special emphasis on practical techniques.
After completing this course, you're familiar with the basic theory of underwater photography and you know how to set the camera flash to take pictures in a variety of circumstances.

What do you need:

You are in possession of a (Jr.) PADI Open Water Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 10 years old.
You have a digital camera with underwater housing and preferably also a flash and diving equipment (important for the practical part, diving equipment can be rented from us) The course consists of a theoretical part and two practice dives.

Course price:

Digital photography 3 dives 2 days - NAF 650,- per person
Digital photography pickup and return included - NAF 725,- per person


ReActivate:  PADI Update  and  PADI Scuba Tune-up

If you have not dived a while and going on a vacation or just want to refresch your diving skills.
In one dive we do a brief repetition of exercises of your choice. After this you will be ready to go on a diving holiday.
During an open water dive you will  soon again be familiar with the equipment and the open water environment.

In advance you get a bit of theory and then a dive in the open water, and you will experience the fun and adventure again what makes this sport so unique.

Price 150,- NAF per person

Padi Open Water Diver Referral

Open Water course with open water diving abroad. Do you have plans for a vacation to Curacao where you can do fantastic dives? If so you can follow an Open Water Referral Course. In this course you follow the 5 theory - and 5 pool lessons by a diving school in your area and four dives at Red Snapper Diving on your holiday destination. So on holiday no study books but diving fun!

Price 525 Naf per person

PADI Emergency First Response

The PADI Emergency First Response is for everyone diver or not!
First aid and CPR are always useful for anyone interested in adventure sports - just in case. Besides, you need these skills for the PADI Rescue Diver course. You learn in a fun, relaxed and practical way how to respond to medical emergencies. This can can be very useful in your daily life. You learn to give first aid in case of accidents and acute diseases. This First Aid includes:

Primary Care (performing life-saving operations)

• Situation assessment and use of protective equipment
• Mouth to mouth
• Cardiac Resuscitation
• Using a defibrillator
• Stopping major bleeding

Secondary Care:

• Assessment of injury
• Diseases Review
• Applying dressings
• Splints for fractures

Learning how to use a defibrillator is a skill that is becoming increasingly important, because nowadays many defibrillators are available to the public, present in public buildings and so on. Quick action can save lives!

That is why this course is not only for divers, but for everyone!

With the achievement of your EFR certificate, you have the right to start the Rescue Diver and Dive Master course. The EFR certificate is valid for 2 years. You keep it valid by making an EFR update within those two years. In this update Primary care skills are repeated and refreshed.
Because each student does the theory study at home is well prepared for the course, using the EFR course book and DVD EFR, the EFR course can be given on one day.

Price EFR course 275 Naf per person, including the course essentials and EFR licence.

Padi Wreck Dive Specialty

Wrecks have a special appeal and atmosphere.
Often they are pretty overgrown and there is plenty of fish. Wreck Dives are therefore among the best dives. Which can make all over the world.
Diving on wrecks in the Mediterranean or more distant places are quite magnificent. For this you have to learn  the techniques and navigating around a wreck, dealing with lines, entering a wreck, etc.
This is where this course is for!
You can compare almost nothing with the excitement of your first dive on a wreck. During the descent look down to try to see the wreck. At first, nothing! Then the dim outlines are clear. In further approaching the wreck you suddenly see everything clearly.

You need to be in possession of a PADI Adventure Diver or other qualifying certification and you are at least 15 years old.

You can follow the PADI wreck diving specialty at Red Snapper diving.

The content of the PADI Wreck Dive Specialty.

• You will learn planning, organization, procedures and wreck diving techniques.
• The preparation and use of lights, air supply, special equipment, descend lines and reels

• 1 theory evening
• 4 open water dives working with: line techniques, reels, deco buoys, limited visibility
techniques and emergency procedures.

Price 650 Naf per person

PADI Dive Master course

The PADI Dive Master training prepares you for tasks as a professional in the diving industry.

In order to move up to instructor, or to train students together with your instructor.

As a divemaster you have a role model, people look up to you, you know almost everything about diving and gives them good advice.

You must have a great sense of humor, enthusiasm, but also professional and always act in the best interest of the student.

The divemaster course is an intensive program in which both knowledge and your skills will be put on a professional level.

In addition you will develop understanding of the diving industry and you get an explanation of the role of the professional in this industry. You also do a long internship at the side of a PADI instructor.

Do you want to know more? e-mail or call me.


The "Dive Master" training is your step to dive professional.
Your diving skills and your knowledge of dive theory are brought to instructor level.

Attention is also paid to the practice, in the form of role-playing or training classes.

This allows you to enlarge your experience in the responsible task to guide less experienced divers.
The divemaster course is a comprehensive and intensive training requires a lot of personal commitment, but very fun and instructive: in a short time you will learn not only yourself better diving but you also learn to give more attention to other divers.

Dive Masters are at dive centers on holiday destinations often requested as a guide for guiding certified divers.
Some diving schools use the divemasters also as assistant to the instructor in teaching courses.

After obtaining the Dive Master certification to become a member of PADI:
You receive the "Undersea Journal," to be kept informed of changes in the curricula.
Also Dive Master certification gives accessto  the "Assistant Instructor" - and "Instructors' degrees from PADI.

What do you need to join the PADI Divemaster course:

A PADI Rescue Diver Certificate (or equivalent), at least 40 logged dives, valid EFR (First Aid and CPR) certification and you must be 18 years old.

Theory in consult.

Price of this course is incl. compressed air refills and open water training 1450 Naf.

Boat Dive Specialty

On Curacao you usually dive from the shore, but at some dive sites dive from a boat!

By boat you can discover the most spectacular dive sites that are not accessible from the shore.
Diving from a boat is fun, especially when you are very comfortable on a boat!
It's nice to know what you're doing.
In this specialty you will learn planning, organization, procedures and techniques needed to dive properly and safely from all kinds of boats.
Besides the theoretical part you do two dives from a boat.
During the two boat dives you will become familiar with the different ways you store your dive gear compact on a boat, how to get in and out of the water in the right way, how to make use of surface lines.
Local laws and regulations for boat diving.
Overview of emergency / safety equipment on board (private) boats needed.
Minimum age is 10 years (Junior) PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent certification from another organization).

Price depends on the type of boat and boattrip.

Deep Dive Specialty

After your first few dives you will soon want to go deeper.
There's something exciting and mysterious about the depth,

divers feel attracted to it.
Why it is so much fun? This course is the opportunity to explore
the deep.
It is totally cool.

What you learn 

• Techniques for diving in the deeper regions of 18/40 meters
• What should you consider for equipment for deep diving
• Experience in planning and organizing

You will make four dives that range from 18 to 40 meters.

You need to be in possession of a (Jr.) Adventure PADI Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 15 years old.

Price 650 Naf per person

Night Dive Specialty

If you go night diving you enter a completely different world underwater.
Even the local dive site looks very different during a night dive, because many aquatic animals and plants are only active at night.
When the sun sets, you put on your dive gear, slip on your mask and stop your reulator in your mouth.
You take a deep breath and you step off the side or off the boat into the underwater night.
Although you've already seen this pond or reef more often this time it is compleetly different,  you drop a new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light.
You can experience the excitement and thrill and the adventure of night diving as you complete the PADI Night Diver Specialty. You learn about the planning and equipment of night diving and how to navigate at night. You practice these on three night dives, plus you meet a whole new cast of critters that comes out after the sun goes down.

You need to be in possession of a (Jr.) PADI Open Water Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 12 years old.

You learn to schedule night dives, at night the water in and out, navigating, nocturnal marine life, communication and dealing with lights.

Price 675 Naf per person

PADI Enriched Air Course (NITROX COURSE)

De The PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course is one of the most popular PADI specialty courses.
Scuba diving with enriched air (nitrox), you can dive longer safely than you could with air. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater.

You must be certified as a Nitrox diver to be able to fill your tank with enriched air.
Whether you're doing underwater photography or wreck diving or on vacation in a tropical paradise or just a nice day out on a dive site in the area, the Nitrox course lets you get more out of diving by giving you more time underwater!
You need to be in possession of a (Jr.) PADI Open Water Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 12 years old.

  • You learn to analyze the contents of your dive tank

  • Planning diving with enriched air , using tables and dive computers

  • Extending your stop time safely

    The licence counts for the Master Scuba Diver Licence

Price 1 dive 400 Naf 2 dives 450 Naf per person

PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty  
Can you remenber your first open water dive?

Probably you were to excited about your first open water dive and perhaps surprised that your instructor at any time of the dive knew where he was, when you had no idea anymore.
Finding your way is not a matter of luck!
When everyone is diving over a reef or checking out a wreck, they have a lot of fun, until it's time you go back. You have to know how to find the way back to the side or the boat.

What you learn.

Underwaternavigation is not always easy.

You accept the challenge and learn the tricks of the trade such as:

  • Navigation patterns
  • Natural navigation, without a compass
  • Navigation with a compass
  • How you can highlight or find another submerged object or position from the surface
  • Making underwater maps
  • How do you follow an irregular courses with the Nav-Finder
  • Techniques for finding a dive site back again
  • How do you estimate distances underwater

During three open water dives you learn and practice this.

You need to be in possession of a (Jr.) PADI Open Water Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 10 years old.

Price 675 Naf per person

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

The PPB specialty

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) course is designed to perfect your buoyancy.
You may well know that buoyancy (hovering) underwater is very important, it increases your diving safety because you have better control over your actions and depth while diving. In addition, you'll find that as your trim skills are better you dive relaxed and therefore your air consumption is less.
By staying clear of the ground, make you less dust and visibility remains better and you save  the underwater life. Eventually you learn to diving even more!

This course is great for just certified (Jr.) Open Water divers, when have not been diving a long time and divers who have just bought their own diving equipment, and anyone who wants to improve his trim skills. You do two open water dives in one day.

You need to be in possession of a (Jr.) PADI Open Water Diver or other qualifying certification and at least 10 years old.

Price 400 Naf

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